Saturday, 18 May 2013

01.04 Placement

If a decision is made not to fill the frame - that is, to show the subject in its context - it becomes important to consider where the subject should placed in the image frame so that it best communicates its relationship with its setting. As the subject decreases in size, its context increases in importance, and therefore the more crucial is the subject's placement. The most obvious placement is in the centre, but this generally makes for a static, unyielding picture; and yet locating the subject to an extreme point, while dynamic, can come across as eccentric or contrived unless there is clear reason for it.

In practice, the communicative-aesthetic placement of the subject can be justified by:
  • a second point of interest or evidence of it (if out of shot) such as the sun and direction of sunlight, or
  • a vector, like the subject's direction of motion or way it faces.

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