Wednesday, 22 May 2013

01.06 Horizon

The most common instance where the image frame is necessarily divided, is in landscape photography when a horizon line is present. The placement of the horizon at any level from low to middle to high in the frame is open to choice, all things being equal. However there is a tendency to place it closer to the bottom of the frame because it confers upon the image a sense of stability.

If there are attention-grabbing items of interest in the foreground, then it's natural to want to make a feature of it, therefore the horizon would be high in frame. The converse is true if there are spectacular cloud formations or airborne entities.

Colour and contrast tones
There may colours or tonal weights featured in the foreground and sky that need to be proportionately balanced.

Personal expression
In many instances, several options for placing the horizon become available; in which case, it comes down to a matter of taste and what you desire to communicate.

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